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Getting started...

RYA Start Yachting
1 live-aboard weekend

RYA Competent Crew
2 live-aboard weekends

Yachtmaster Practical
Exam Coaching live-aboard weekends

RYA Theory...

RYA Yachtmaster Theory
3 weekends 8-4pm

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory
10 4-hr standalone modules

Ocean Sailing...

RYA Watch-leader

6 days 350 miles

8 days 700 miles

2 weeks 1200 miles

Yachtmaster Ocean Qualifier

Eden-Macquarie Is-Hobart
20 days 2200 miles

Brazil- Trinidad
4 weeks 3000 miles

Bermuda - Dublin
4 weeks 3200 miles

* See pricing note at foot of page

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RYA Yachtmaster - Professional worldwide qualification

Email our Sailing Coach, Peter Edington, to chat about becoming a Yachtmaster

Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory
£560/$990 AU

Three 2-day weekends, 22nd Feb, 21st March & 18th April.

Our new 'Modular, Yachtmaster Theory course runs from 0800-1600 Saturday and Sunday. Run by Peter Edington Sailing at their RYA shore-based sailing school in Sydney Australia

• Recognised worldwide as
   - Charter skipper's qualification
   - Commercial skipper's qualification 200 Tons within 150 miles of safe haven

• 10 intensive Theory modules (See content for each module))

• On successful completion you will
   - receive your RYA Yachtmaster Theory Certificate
   - be able to sit the Practical exam (with suitable miles logged)

Previous knowledge/experience useful but not essential

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Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Practical Coaching
£250/$440 AU per weekend

Live-aboard sail-training weekends September 2019

• Intensive boat-handling weekends for yacht Skippers (0900 Saturday -1600 Sunday)

• You will learn
   - Safety procedures
   - To handle the boat in close quarters under sail and power including docking, man overboard etc
   - Pilotage techniques for safe harbour arrival by day or night
   - Crew management and watch keeping

• You will practice your skills for about 20 hours each weekend

• Before booking your external RYA Practical exam, you'll need excellent knowledge in the following areas

- Preparation of boat and crew for sea
- Passage Planning
- Boat Handling
- Pilotage
- Seamanship and Boat Handling at sea
- Navigation and Chartwork
- Collision Regulations (IRPCS)
- Meteorology
- Overall ability as Skipper of a yacht at sea.

• Once you feel you are ready, we will make arrangements for taking the following external exams
   - First Aid exam
   - Radio Operator's licence
   - RYA practical exam with an external examiner.

These external exams are not part of this course. They will need to be booked through the relevant authorities at their current prices. The RYA Practical exam usually lasts between 4 and 6 hours approximately.

You will need to be up to Competent Crew standard to get the most from this course. We can help you get to that standard with our Competent Crew course if you wish.

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Build your sea-miles and days aboard our 60 foot yacht for
£75/$135 AU per day

The RYA Yachtmaster qualification requires that you have logged a number of days on board and miles.

• To build up you the necessary days and miles and to refresh your skills

• We offer the opportunity
   - To log miles and hours
   - Skipper 60 foot offshore yacht, or act as Watch-leader
   - Gain sea time putting your theory into practice

• For the Coastal Certificate you will need to have logged

• 30 days on board • 2 days as skipper • 800 miles •12 night hours...

• for Yachtmaster Offshore

• 50 days on board • 5 days as skipper • 2500 miles • 5 passages over 60 miles (2 overnight and 2 as skipper)

You'll also need a current VHF licence and a current First Aid certificate which we can help with

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* See pricing note at foot of page

Yachtmaster Ocean Preparation Cruise £1250/$2190 AU

Read about our RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Preparation voyage

Ocean Sailing

Sydney-Hobart Direct

9-14 January 2020
6 days 800 miles

"Halfway to Antarctica"

Sydney - Macquarie Is - Hobart

15-29 January 2021
14 days 1750 miles

Hobart-Sydney Return

6-13 February 2021
7 days 800 miles