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Introduction to Sailing/Start Yachting

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Pre-requisites: None

Duration: Live aboard for one weekend. This includes about 18 hours of sail training and some night time sailing.

Cost: £250/$440 AU*. Includes meals and accommodation on board overnight

Don't forget that annual club membership costs only £30/$50 AU a year and will entitle you to come on any of our low-priced members' courses

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At the end of this course, students should have the following skills

Personal Safety
• Safety equipment aboard the yacht, where it is stowed and how to use it
• One hand for yourself and one for the boat
• Suitable clothing and footwear

• Securing ropes on cleats
• coiling and care of ropes and sheets
• ability to tie :- round turn and two half hitches, reef knot and bowline

Working as a sheet hand
• Safe and correct use of winches
• Easing and hardening-in sheets

Relative Direction
• Windward / leeward
• Fore / aft / abeam/
• Ahead / astern / abeam
• Port/starboard
• Close hauled / Beam Reach / Broad Reach

The compass
• Hand Bearing compass
• Steering compass
• Taking a bearing

The Chart
• Scale, land/sea definition
• Depths
• Sign-posts of the sea - light houses, buoys and beacons

• Turning upwind / downwind
• Bearing away / luffing up
• Tacking and Gybing

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* As a British-registered non-profit organisation, all transactions are deemed to occur in the UK and The Ocean Sailing Club charges membership and product prices in UK pounds, however the club will accept payment in the local currency of where their yacht is at the time. Currently the Club uses the rate of A$1.75=£1

Sail Training

RYA Competent Crew

RYA Yachtmaster Theory

RYA Ocean Theory

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Sailing Club Schedule

Please note prices in:
GBP(£) and AUD($)

RYA Start Yachting £250/$440
1 live-aboard weekend

RYA Competent Crew £500/$880
2 live-aboard weekends

RYA Watch Leader £625/$1100
5 day live-aboard

RYA Yachtmaster Theory £560/$990
0800-1200, 10 standalone modules

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory £560/$990
0800-1200, 10 standalone modules

Exam Coaching We can help you prepare for

Yachtmaster Practical £995/$1760
4 live-aboard weekends

Yachtmaster Ocean Prep £1250/$2190
2-week Ocean crossing

RYA Watch-leader for Women £715/$1265
7-day passage details TBA

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