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RYA Start Yachting
1 live-aboard weekend

RYA Competent Crew
2 live-aboard weekends

Yachtmaster Practical
Exam Coaching live-aboard weekends

RYA Theory...

RYA Yachtmaster Theory
3 weekends 8-4pm

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory
10 4-hr standalone modules

Ocean Sailing...

RYA Watch-leader

7 days 500 miles

Southport-Hamilton Is
7 days 500 miles

Hamilton Is-Southport
6 days 500 miles

6 days 500 miles

Yachtmaster Ocean Qualifier

2 weeks 1200 miles

Brazil- Trinidad
4 weeks 3000 miles

Bermuda - Dublin
4 weeks 3200 miles

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What people say...

The yacht          The Skipper     
Suitability for the voyage: 10   Depth of knowledge: 10
Safety on board: 9.9   Communication Skills: 10
How was the learning experience:     10   Control of the yacht: 10
Atmosphere on board: 10   Crew management skills:     10
Food on board: 9.9   Patience explaining things: 10

Andy P. - November 2019 to New Zealand from Hobart (14 days aboard and ~1800miles)

I certainly did enjoy it, just confirming, cause i am at work, 50 knots and 10 meter seas : -)

Paul B. - December 2019 to Sydney AUS from Picton NZ (13 days aboard and 1100nmmiles)

A great experience.
I was surprised at what I learnt compared to what I expected to learn.
Sail balance was an important lesson, ie: getting the right amount of jib to balance the reefing on the main sail when sailing upwind.
Being sail smart, I quickly learnt to organise myself better. For the first 2 days I felt I was all over the shop and quickly learnt the importance of managing my gear better.
The first few days were tough, it was a top experience to sail in that weather, but very thankful when the weather cleared.
Numerous other lessons were also invaluable, ie: keeping course when the wind doesn't want you to sail down the course, seeing how waves impact the boat, performing maintenance at sea.

Jonathan C. - July 2016 to Coffs harbour from New Caladonia (14 days aboard and 900+nmmiles)

Very enjoyable and informative passage. Great training for my own ocean and coastal passages to Hobart and Whitsundays from Sydney. More planned in the future and Peter’ training has proved invaluable. Highly recommend this course to all serious sailors who plan to do any coastal or ocean travel.

Peter R. - November 2019 to New Zealand from Hobart (12 days aboard and 1400miles)

I would sail anywhere with Peter again.

Jonathan M. - Oct 2019 to Hobart from Sydney (8 days aboard and 650 miles)

Brilliant trip!

Matt H. - November 2019 to Picton, New Zealand from Hobart, Australia (~16 days aboard and ~1600nmmiles)

I had a blast sailing from Hobart to Picton via 50 degrees South aboard Loquax. As a novice sailor the learning experience was excellent and my confidence markedly improved throughout the trip, especially when going forward of the cockpit in heavy weather to reef the main sail. I was pleased to have gotten 1600nm closer to qualifying for Yachtmaster Offshore and enjoyed learning about navigating with a sextant. I'd definitely sail with Peter again in the future.

Tom H. - October 2019 to Hobart from Sydney (8 days aboard and 650 miles)

I had a wonderful time on the boat and can not recommend the ocean sailing club and Peter highly enough. If it wasn’t for the fact I am studying for my masters, I would be off on another adventure already.

Looking forward to the next one!

Darren and Friends:

"Many thanks for an absolutely outstanding weekend. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and found your relaxed and confident style of teaching excellent. You achieved your goal of biting your students with a sailing bug. I have been browsing Yachts for sale sites on the web all morning."

Mark and Penny:

"The weekend was extremely well organised, the food and the company were spot on. Thank you so much. We enjoyed listening to your stories about your travels and sharing with us your wealth of knowledge about sailing You made us feel at home on Loquax and immediately comfortable, [we] have been infected with the bug. We will most certainly be back to do the competent crew course with you."

Servanne, Pascale & Heather:

Pascale said (in French):"Merci mille fois pour ce moment magique que nous avons passe grace a vous" Which translates as : "Thanks a bunch for the magical time we had." Heather said: "Thank you so much for letting me experience 'boat-life' with you, for your time and for the opportunity to learn. Your cooking and humour will be fondly remembered!"


"Again many thanks for the amazing experience this weekend and making us aware there is more in life than workin' ;-) "

Derren and Tracey:

"Tracy and I had such a fantastic time and we certainly feel more 'competent' than we did before the weekend, so thank you very much for your patience (and great cooking!)"

Suzy & Mark:

"Brilliant and educational weekend out!"


"Excellent weekend away. I had fun!!"

Ocean Sailing

"Sydney - Southport"

12-18th June
7 days 500 miles

"Southport - Hamilton Island"

19-25th June 2021
7 days 500 miles

"Sail the Whitsundays"

3-9th July 2021
7 days of leisurely sailing

"Hamilton Island - Southport"

10-16th July
6 days 500 miles

"Southport - Sydney"

17-22nd July 2021
6 days 500 miles