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Southport-Hamilton Is
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Brazil- Trinidad
4 weeks 3000 miles

Bermuda - Dublin
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Definitely scheduled to start in October 2021.
Now is the time to join the unique, the amazing, the renamed...

"Ends of the Earth Climate Challenge 2021"

What makes this voyage a "unique" opportunity for you?

You can join us on the world's first-ever voyage to...
As far as we can tell, nobody has ever attempted to sail, in consecutive summers, from the world's most Southerly city, Ushuaia behind Cape Horn, to the most Northerly, Hammerfest, 400 miles north of Norway's Arctic circle.

• It's equal opportunity for men and women
There are 5 crew places on the Expedition legs. We really hope to sail with a mixed crew - 2 men, 2 women and...

• One Scholarship place for Ocean, Climate or Justice candidate
We are planning to offer 1 scholarship place for someone special on each Expedition leg. Could be a PhD student or a Climate, Ecology or Social Justice activist who will bring their own perspective to these legs.

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Sydney - Auckland - Ushuaia - South Georgia - Salvador - Trinidad - Grenada - Martinique - Dominica - Guadeloupe - Antigua - BVI - Bermuda - Azores - Dublin - Hebrides - Faroes - Tromso - Hammerfest

What sort of Challenge leg are you interested in?

This voyage will cover a wide range of sailing - from some of the most challenging oceans in the world to gentle cruising in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. So, whether you are a hardened sailor or a complete beginner, there will be something for you on this exciting voyage!

Some legs are less challenging than others!

Whether you want to round Cape Horn or just want to be wafted around the Caribbean with a rum punch in your hand, there will be something for you on this exciting voyage!

Relaxed Sailing in the Caribbean: To take part in a 'Relaxed Sailing' level leg you don't need any sailing experience. You will have plenty of opportunities to 'work the boat' but if you just want to swim, snorkel and party, that's fine with us

Cruise: To take part in a 'Cruise' level leg you should know something about sailing first - if only to make sure you enjoy doing it! One of these legs would be ideal for anyone aged 18 or over who wants to gain experience offshore, maybe with a view to taking a boat of their own out cruising one day.

Expedition: To take part in an 'Expedition' level leg you should be an adventurer with some sailing experience and a track record in difficult/dangerous terrain. This description would of course include any experienced sailor who has logged significant ocean miles. Although formal certification is not a pre-requisite, we are looking for people with RYA Yachtmaster certificates to be watch-leaders.

Training: We are expecting to run training in 2021. Meanwhile, we ran 3 training legs in Oct/Nov 2019 for those living in Australia, South Africa or New Zealand. These are Bass Strait crossing Sydney-Hobart direct, Hobart -Invercargill South Island NZ and NZ-Sydney via Cook Strait. See our Sailing & Training Calendar for details and costs of ocean sailing in 2020-21.

We are arranging for a sailing school in Ireland/UK to run offshore training for Northern hemisphere members. Pricing for these out-of-house training events are being requested at this moment.

The Ocean Sailing Club is international and easy to join.

Become a "Challenge" member and you can sail any two legs. The yacht is skippered by our RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor.

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The NZ Dash - 1265 Miles in 14 days:
Sydney-Auckland 5 Oct - 19 Oct 2021

Leaving from Sydney's Cruising Yacht Club of Australia: a sprint from Sydney to Auckland. This is a 'Cruise' level leg, suitable for anyone with a little sailing experience and an ambition to complete a short ocean crossing to a foreign port. Ideal for building miles towards your RYA Yachtmaster.

Rated as a 'Cruise'.
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Cape Horn Expedition - 5200 Miles in 35 days:
Auckland- Ushuaia 1 Nov - 12 Dec 2021

Probably the 'Everest' of sailing, Cape Horn is 5200 miles downwind from NZ. We've allowed 35 days for this leg from Auckland to Ushuaia - the world's most Southerly town - via Cape Horn. Added to that are 14 'contingency days' against delays and weather issues. However we hope to use these days in Ushuaia. What an opportunity for the aspiring 'Cape Horners' among you. An 'Expedition' level leg, this is not for the faint-hearted... but neither is Everest!

Rated as an 'Expedition'.
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Shackleton Memorial Expedition - 3600 Miles in 42 days:
Ushuaia-South Georgia-Salvador, Brazil. 21 Dec 2021 - 31 Jan 2022

Once again we have allowed 'contingency days' against delays. But we hope that these can be spent in Salvador, Brazil and in South Georgia, the base from which, just over 100 years ago, Ernest Shackleton led his men out into Antarctica on an expedition that has never been rivalled for bravery and endurance. They left from South Georgia. Visit Shackleton's grave, see where this unforgettable expedition left from. This expedition leg ends after 3000 miles in Salvador, Brazil.

Rated as an 'Expedition'.
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The Cross the Equator Cruise - 3000 Miles in 28 days :
Salvador, Brazil - Trinidad. 10 Feb - 10 Mar 2022

Salvador Then set sail on the 16th for the island of Trinidad, take in some Calypso. Maybe stay on a few days in this vibrant island before you pack up for home and the office! This leg is about 3500 miles and is an ideal opportunity to get all the miles needed for your RYA Yachtmaster/Ocean. We've allowed 28 days for this leg, with 5 'contingency days' which we hope you will be able to spend exploring our first Caribbean Island.

Rated as a 'Cruise'.
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Three long, relaxed Caribbean Parties:

Trinidad - Grenada - Martinique 16 March - 23 March 2022.

Leaving Trinidad in mid-March we begin the first of 3 relaxed, very relaxed, Caribbean Holidays. This will take you snorkelling on the Tobago cays, then on to Grenada, known as one of the 'Spice Islands'. for its exotic spice plantations. There is also a jungle walk around the volcano. Then, on to the jewel of the French speaking Caribbean, Martinique

Rated as 'Sunshine Sailing'.
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Martinique - Dominica- Guadeloupe - Antigua 24 March - 31 March 2022.

If you can't make the first of these Caribbean parties, then join us in Dominica, with its active volcano, boiling mud pools and hot waterfalls. Back on board there will be plenty of time for snorkelling before we move on to explore the jungles of Guadeloupe, where the current TV series 'Death in Paradise' was filmed. Then continue the party in the old British naval base of Antigua where, for a bit of relaxation you can visit Nelson's Dockyard with its amazing system used to work on the old Navy square-riggers

Rated as 'Sunshine Sailing'.
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Antigua - BVI - Bermuda 1 April - 15 April 2022.

Before making the onward Atlantic crossing from Bermuda, we have time to continue our very relaxed cruise around the Caribbean with a stay at the Britsh Virgin Islands, so called since Columbus named the northern-most island 'Virgin Gorda' because it reminded him of a naked lady! Well, he had been at sea a very long time. The BVI have some exquisite dive locations as well as some bizarre history, including the place where Captain Kidd is said to have marooned his most troublesome pirates. It's called Deadman's Chest Island and, with a pistol and a bottle of rum each, it was not quite the party we want to have there! But... after all that sun, sand and partying we need to get the boat up to Bermuda for the penultimate leg of the Challenge. This leg will have a few days local sailing and a 7 day passage to Bermuda - an ideal chance to try an ocean sail.

Rated as 'Sunshine Sailing'.
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The 'Tick off the Atlantic Crossing' Cruise - 3100 Miles in 28 days:
Bermuda - Azores - Dublin 20 April - 18 May 2022

To have 'Crossed the Atlantic' links you with history's great names: Explorers like Columbus; Royal Navy captains like Nelson; and world-famous sailors like Knox-Johnston. How many British sailors would love to tick that box? Now is your chance. Under the eye of an RYA Yachtmaster instructor, take the route used by sailors for generations. Bermuda to the Azores, where we will rest for a week, maybe paint our ship's picture on the famous wall of Peter's cafe, along with images of hundreds of other trans-Atlantic yachts. Then we turn North by East to make landfall in the 'fair city' of Dublin. This leg will give you all the miles and hours you need for your RYA Yachtmaster certificate. We have allowed 3 'contingency days' which we hope can be spent exploring the Azores. However, it might be possible to leave/join the yacht at the Azores if time is a problem.

Rated as a 'Cruise'.
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The Norse Saga Expedition - 1500 Miles in 28 days:
Dublin - Hebrides - Faroes - Hammerfest. 24 May - 21 June 2022

Leaving from Dublin's Royal Yacht Club of Ireland: 28 days to follow the route used by Vikings and Norsemen from 1500 years ago. We hope to explore places like Scotland's historic Hebrides, Denmark's outpost islands, the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian fjords that lead to the world's most Northerly city and our goal - Hammerfest in time - we hope - for mid-summer's day inside the Arctic circle

Rated as a 'Expedition'.
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At a Glance

Ends of The Earth Climate Challenge Schedule, at a glance
From - ToDepartArriveLevelDurationAvailable
Sydney-Auckland5/10/202119/10/2021Cruise14 days2 places
Auckland- Ushuaia1/11/20216/12/2021Expedition35 days2 Places
Ushuaia-South Georgia-Salvador21/12/20211/02/2022Expedition42 days2 places
Salvador-Trinidad10/2/202210/3/2022Cruise28 days3 Places
Trinidad-Grenada-Martinique16/3/202223/3/2022Sunshine Sailing7 daysSorry, full
Martinique-Dominica-Antigua24/3/202231/3/2022Sunshine Sailing7 daysSorry, full
Antigua-BVI-Bermuda1/4/202215/4/2022Sunshine Sailing10 days3 Places
Bermuda-Azores-Dublin20/4/202218/5/2022Cruise28 days1 Place
Dublin-Hebrides-Faroes-Hammerfest24/5/202221/6/2022Expedition28 days1 Place

Please note the contents of this website are for information purposes only and should not be construed as forming any part of a contract. Contact The Ocean Sailing Club for full details.

Provisional Costs

The Ocean Sailing Club is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to enable as many people as possible to live their dream - so this voyage, like all of ours, must pay for all its costs.

The estimated probable cost of this expedition will be between £75,000 and £100,000. As a non-profit club, we ask Challenge Crew to pay a contribution for their leg. Currently that is worked out as £350 Challenge Membership - entitles you to join up to two legs - and then £72 per day for your on-board contribution per leg.

So, to give you an idea of contribution per leg:
- Cape Horn Expedition: 35 day leg from NZ to Ushuaia expected cost £2532
- Caribbean Sunshine Sailing: 7 days expected cost £506
- Tick off The Atlantic (28 days door to door) expected cost £2026

To compare

While we are obviously not the Clipper Yacht race with their new 70 footers, it is worth noting - to put costs into perspective - that one leg of the clipper race such as Cape Town to Freemantle would probably cost about £11,500

Take up the challenge.

You might be an experienced sailor wanting to test your nerve in the Southern Ocean or a 'Shackleton' fan wanting to visit the place where he is buried on South Georgia on the centenary of his amazing expedition...

You might be someone who has always fancied a sailing holiday in the beautiful Caribbean. Or you might want to follow the route taken by Norse men and women 1500 years ago: Scotland's Hebrides; Norway's Faroe Islands and the 'Land of the Midnight Sun'.

Whatever your fancy, do get in touch with this email form. We would like to hear from you...

Looking forward to sailing with you in 2021!

Peter Edington
"Ends of the Earth Climate Challenge" Leader

Ocean Sailing

"Sydney - Southport"

12-18th June
7 days 500 miles

"Southport - Hamilton Island"

19-25th June 2021
7 days 500 miles

"Sail the Whitsundays"

3-9th July 2021
7 days of leisurely sailing

"Hamilton Island - Southport"

10-16th July
6 days 500 miles

"Southport - Sydney"

17-22nd July 2021
6 days 500 miles