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Sail Training

Sail Training...

Introduction to Sailing
1 live-aboard weekend

Competent Crew
2 live-aboard weekends

Yachtmaster Practical
Exam Coaching live-aboard weekends

RYA Theory...

RYA Yachtmaster Theory
3 weekends 8-4pm

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory
10 4-hr standalone modules

Ocean Sailing...

Mate of Watch Course will be available on the
Sydney-New Caledonia passage in September 2023
And again on the New Caledonia-Bundaberg passage in October

Yachtmaster Ocean Qualifier will be available on the
Sydney-New Caledonia passage in September 2023
And again on the New Caledonia-Bundaberg passage in October
* See pricing note at foot of page

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"Our ocean defines our planet. It sustains us and is home to more than half of all life on earth today. The presence of the ocean touches every living thing, no matter where it lives. The air we breathe and the water we consume are ultimately linked to the seas. The ocean drives our weather and stabilises our climate."

David Attenborough

The Ocean Sailing Club of the South would like to play its part in securing the futures of plants, animals and humans by engaging sailing and non-sailing people alike in a better understanding of the importance of our oceans, and the need to make them healthy again.

We aim to do this by

Enabling people
•   To learn about, and experience, sailing
•   To gain experience of coastal and ocean sailing
•   To discover their connection with the Oceans

Building understanding the crucial role of the Ocean plays
•   In supporting the existence of humankind
•   In supporting the ecosphere by regulating heat and atmosphere

Encouraging people, through this understanding
•   To treat the ocean, and the ecosphere with respect
•   To reduce pollution in the form of
      • plastics
      • greenhouse gases

To preserve the creatures of the ocean through
•   education about, and support for ocean fish sanctuaries
•   the elimination of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

Improve your skills with great RYA sailing courses

Through our sailing coach Peter Edington, we can offer you some great opportunities to deepen your knowledge of sailing safely.

Peter is an RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor who will be running monthly practical sail training resulting in RYA certification.

Practical training:

• Start Yachting 1 weekend live-aboard course starting at the very beginning. All in sheltered waters
• Competent Crew 2 weekends living aboard taking you on to a better understanding of working a sailing boat - Sheltered/Coastal waters
• Watch Leader 5-7 days of Offshore / Ocean sailing where you will learn how to take command of a 60 foot yacht for day and night watches

Theory classes:

• Yachtmaster Offshore theory Suitable to skipper your own boat or to go on and take the RYA Yachtmaster Practical Exam
• Yachtmaster Ocean Theory To learn the theory behind world meteorology, Celestial Navigation and how to prepare for and execute an ocean passage of over 600 miles
Theory classes in Sydney from 08:00 till 12:00 Saturday / Sunday

Relaxed and Ocean Sailing

Go on Club Sailing & Social Events

All through the year, the Club will be arranging a number of weekend (and longer) sailing events. These will range from a Saturday and Sunday inside Sydney Harbour, to overnight passages up to Pittwater, Port Stephens and further afield.

For more information,

Visit our Sailing Calendar or the Expeditions and Holidays page.

Don't forget that anyone can Join The Club for £30/$50 a year.

Community Awareness

Supporting our Oceans with fund raising for Sea-Shepherd

February's Social Sail was to raise money for Sea Shepherd's iconic whale-saving ship, The Steve Irwin.

Needing urgent engine repairs, we raised 0ver $2,500 raised on this fun sailing day for Sea Shepherd. They needed $200,000 to get the Steve Irwin back out there saving whales and protecting our oceans. And our contribution helped make that possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you about any really worthwhile eco- or poverty based fund raising we can help with.

Call Peter on 0405 430 525 to get more details.


In the interests of safety, the yacht will always be under the supervision of a club-approved skipper.

For the club's Social sailing events, the Skipper is supplied by the Club. If you would like to use the Club yacht for your own social events or for group mile-building cruises, we can put you in touch with our Sailing Coach, who will be happy to make sure that your event is run safely (sample costs)

Only registered members of the Ocean Sailing Club are allowed on board the yacht for any sailing event. We will be happy to help you arrange your event or to come on one of the Club's own events. Just email or call us.

Ocean Sailing

Sydney - New Caledonia

22nd September - 6th October
New Caledonia - Bundaberg

28th October - 10th November

14 day RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Qualifier - $2100 AUD

Fun Sailing
Sail Training

Sail The Pacific Lagoons of New Caledonia

8th - 27th October

3 x 7 days cruises of fun sailing, mile-building and maybe some training - $1150 AUD

Sail The Great Barrier Reef

14th - 30th November

2 x 7 days cruises of fun sailing, mile-building and maybe some training - $1150 AUD

Coastal Sailing

Mackay - Southport

2nd December - 8th December
Southport - Sydney

9th December - 16th December

2x 7 day RYA Yachtmaster mile-builders - $1050 AUD

* See pricing note at foot of page