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Great News, Ocean Sailing Club offers

• RYA Competent Crew • Watch Leader • Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

... because we want all our members to be great, safe sailors. We use our own Instructors, so our training is at cost price. Use the Contact Page to ask for more information or call +61 405430525

5 reasons to learn with The Ocean Sailing Club

Only £250/$440 AU for a whole weekend's sailing.

Much cheaper than most sailing schools. As a non-profit Sailing Club our in-house, cost price courses are already much cheaper than most sailing schools. Your live-aboard weekend with 18 hours sail training, all your food and a bed overnight is only £250/$440 AU. Where else can you get value like that?

* See pricing note at foot of page

When you book a training course, you get Free membership that gives you

- great training
- free sailing events.
- cheap mile-building cruises
- twilight dinners watching the sun set over the Opera House
- Ocean Sailing Club expeditions and holidays

   Total flexibility

Whatever your level of expertise, there's a schedule of progressive courses to keep you learning. Because all our weekend live-aboard courses are £250/$440 AU, you just pay as you go. So if you wanted to spread your Competent Crew weekends over a whole year, that's fine. Book each module as you're ready, the money stays in your bank account, not ours, till you're ready to come on the course.

   An Exceptional Trainer with over 30 years experience

Peter Edington is an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor who has skippered the club's yacht across 3 Atlantic crossings, 1 Trans-Pacific, 6 Tasman Crossings, 4 Coral Sea crossings and to the Bass Strait. He is also an MCA 200 ton commercial skipper, a Remote Area first-aider, a Certificate IV Trainer and a NSW Coxswain with certification for Sea-survival and STCW95.
And by the way he sailed this yacht from England to Sydney with his wife and two of his teenage daughters. So he's pretty good at helping people go sailing.

   Your weekend will never be wasted.

Because our vessel is a fully equipped ocean-going yacht, we have lots of choices if the weather changes (no drifting under a baking sun for us!) Our 70 HP motor will take you to an anchorage where you can have lunch or tea then switch to some essential theory - there's VHF radio, radar, ropework, charts, the opportunities are endless. And if there's too little wind, there's the inflatable dinghy to learn to drive, the rigging aloft to inspect (er.. that bit's voluntary). Or maybe try a swim - to enhance your understanding of the boat's underwater geometry, of course - and then there's more tea, coffee, cordial, cake.
And if life catches you out and you just can't do the weekend you'd planned to do, we will usually be able to offer you a future date, mutually agreed, when you can try again.

Start Yachting £250/$440 AU

If you've never sailed before or you have sailed before but it was so long ago you've forgotten most of it! Or you would just like to go back over the basics

Live aboard for one weekend. This includes about 18 hours of sail training and some night time sailing.

RYA Course Booking Form

Competent Crew £500/$880 AU

To join the Competent Crew Course, you must either have completed the Start yachting course or have a similar level of sailing experience. Then if want to consolidate your knowledge so far, come on our Competent Crew course.

Split over a two 2-day weekends (£500/$880 AU) or occasionally a 3-day weekend (£375/$660 AU), living aboard. This will include over 35 hours of sail training including about 8 hours night sailing and coastal sailing.

RYA Course Booking Form

Watch Leader Course £625/$1100 AU

As a course, new to The Ocean Sailing Club, we are just finalising details.

The Watch Leader Course is a 5 day course conducted on board a yacht over 15m LOA to teach watch keeping, seamanship and navigation up to the standards required for taking charge of a watch on deck, at sea or in harbour, under supervision of a deck officer. The Watch Leader Course can be conducted in tidal or non-tidal waters.

To get the most out of this course, it's best if you have already gained
• 5 days sea time, • 100 miles • 4 night hours • Navigation Theory

The 5 day course will contain areas such as:
• Preparation for sea
• Deck work
• Navigation
• Pilotage
• Meteorology
• Maintenance and repair work
• Victualling
• Emergency Situations
• General Watchkeeping

RYA Course Booking Form

New 'Modular' Yachtmaster Theory Course - £560/$990 AU

Because we are all sailors here at The Ocean Sailing Club, we understand that it's hard to get enough days off to cover the required 40 hours of face to face training for this valuable qualification.

So, our Yachtmaster Theory Course runs as 10 stand-alone modules - usually on alternate Saturday and Sunday mornings - from 0800 to 1200 so as not to interfere with your race sailing schedule. It provides the theoretical knowledge you will need to safely skipper a yacht anywhere in the world.

Because the Club has arranged these lessons to be taught on a rolling basis, and each module is self-contained - with its appropriate RYA exercises/assessments, yu don't absolutely have to attend them in the order they are run. So you might miss Module One, being on holiday, so start at Module Two a fortnight later; take all the and then take Module One next time it is run, few months later, before sitting your final RYA Assessment.

With this and the Practical exam, charter companies all over the world will be happy to charter you a yacht, from the Med to Tahiti. It is also recognised as a professional qualification, which opens doors up to First Mate or Skipper on Ocean going yachts and 'Super-yachts' up to 200 tons

Find out more about becoming an RYA Yachtmaster 'Coastal' or 'Offshore'

RYA Course Booking Form

Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

New to The Ocean Sailing Club The format of this course is still being finalised.

Celestial Theory - the 'Astro-navigation' required for the voyage

Worldwide Meteorology - Including tropical revolving storms (hurricanes etc), Indian Ocean monsoons, ocean currents and gyres.

Passage Planning - Including charts, publications, weather strategies and communications

RYA Course Booking Form

Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Practical Coaching - £995/$1760 AU

The course is 4 live-aboard weekends, from 0900 Saturday to 1600 Sunday

It is intended to help you master the skills you will need to sit the practical exam for RYA Yachtmaster coastal. This is a qualification that charter companies all over the world will be happy to recognise, from the Med to Tahiti. It is also the first step in a professional qualification, which opens doors up to First Mate on Ocean going yachts and 'Super-yachts' up to 200 tons

If you want to sit the Yachtmaster Offshore exam, you may need to build up more practical experience - which we are happy to help you with

Find out more about becoming an RYA Yachtmaster 'Coastal' or 'Offshore'

Book this

Yachtmaster Ocean Preparation Voyage- £1250/$2190 AU

The course is a 2-week, 1,000 mile, live-aboard Coral Sea crossing.

To pass the interview-based RYA Yachtmaster exam you will need to be an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore with excellent organisational skills and a wealth of practical experience sailing unsupported across substantial bodies of water.

This voyage will help you master the skills required to sit the interview-style exam for RYA Yachtmaster Ocean. You will take from the voyage a a portfolio of logs, reports and chart plots needed to sit that exam.

The RYA Ocean Yachtmaster qualification will enable you to sail anywhere in the world unsupported and, with the RYA commercial endorsement, to act as Skipper of any Ocean going yacht or 'Super-yachts' up to 200 tons

Find out more about becoming an RYA Ocean Yachtmaster

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And here's a glimpse of the Club yacht beating to windward in a full gale.

We would only do this with more advanced student members but it's good to see how safe and dry she is even under these conditions!

It's nice to have experienced some heavy weather sailing under the watchful eye of your Offshore Yachtmaster before you try it on your own!

Here we are pushing uphill in 35 knots against a lumpy sea. But, after you've seen and felt what it's like, you'll be better equipped to try it on your own.

Thanks to Mylo for risking his phone to capture this. It is definitely a moment of hand-held movie footage so hang on! The noise is the wind.

Click for the

or maybe

The Southern Ocean to NZ
in October & November

Call Peter Edington now to chat.
+61 (0)405 430 525

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RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory
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Yachtmaster Ocean Qualifier
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